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Cheap West End Tickets

Your guide to finding the best theatre tickets at the cheapest price.

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6. Restaurant Deals

Most people like to make a whole evening of it and go out for dinner before the show.  Booking the two together as part of a package can save you a lot of money on both counts. Some packages even offer a free meal! You can find meal/ticket combo packages using the following links.

7. Group Bookings

If you are booking a lot of tickets you can often get a discount direct from the theatre. Most theatre’s will give discount to groups of 10+, but some will even give discount to groups as small as 6. The amount of discount varies from theatre to theatre and some theatre’s even give groups an extra incentive like VIP experience or free drink/programme. To find out about group discounts you should usually contact the theatre directly. You can find a list of theatre contact details here.

Theatre Facts | London Theatres - Contact Details

8. Theatre Clubs

If you go to the theatre on a regular basis, there are clubs you can join that give you discounts all year round, such as the What’s On Stage Club. For a small yearly fee you get access to discounted tickets, special events, and even free tickets! Sometimes shows that are not selling well give away a few tickets to clubs such as this, in order to make a show look more popular to the press or to encourage endorsement by word of mouth. The What’s On Stage Club also gives you discounts on London hotels and restaurants.

Theatre Club (What’sOnStage)

The Audience Club

My Box Office

Play by Play

9. Ticket Trading Sites

With some of the newest popular shows it can be difficult to get cheap tickets. Indeed, for some shows, like The Book of Mormon, it can be difficult to get tickets at all! If you don’t want to wait months and months for tickets to become available you could try a ticket trading site. These sites are becoming very popular for people that have bought tickets but are unable to use them. The prices vary greatly. Some people try to sell their tickets at a mark up, but occasionally you can grab a last minute bargain.

Cheap West End Tickets - Stub Hub!Cheap West End Tickets - Viagogo

10. Preview Tickets

When a play or musical opens in the West End they often go a through a period of preview performances. This usually lasts 2-4 weeks and gives the producers chance to see if anything needs to be changed or cut before the press are invited for the official premier performance. Preview tickets are usually about half the price of regular tickets, although there is one potential downside. As musicals become more lavish and spectacular, the technology required to produce the desired effects becomes more complex. It is not unheard of for preview performances to be halted while technical problems are dealt with.

11. Day seats

Some theatres release a certain number of tickets on the day of the performance itself. These usually have to be bought in person at the box office, but are usually less than £25 and often include front row seats. Contact individual theatres to find out if they have day seats available.

Theatre Facts | London Theatres - Contact Details

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